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About the Plan

Charting a Course for Prosperity

A community's comprehensive plan is its policy backbone. In undertaking this plan, Aspinwall Borough has established an intention to draw upon public input to articulate a shared vision and collective priorities for improving the community over the next decade. The planning process explored what borough residents feel is important about Aspinwall's landscape, its history and the people who have made it home, as well as what would need to happen for the community to achieve its best possible future form. The process was highly collaborative, an ongoing conversation among local elected and appointed officials, a variety of stakeholders and, most importantly, the people who call this town home.

This Project

The Implementable Comprehensive Plan has two major phases intended to play out over a total 18-month timeline. The first involves listening to the community. We will conduct outreach in a variety of ways to gather perspectives that will help define a set of key issues that are of primary importance to the community. After vetting these with officials and the public, in phase two we will drill down for solutions, identifying preferred future scenarios and developing precise, realistic action plans to address key issues. The result will be a highly detailed set of strategies that will be of immediate use to staff, community leaders and partners who can help make the plan's vision come alive.

Who's Involved?

Steering Committee 

The steering committee is a team of community leaders, business owners, and other residents, who offer guidance and feedback during the planning process. The role of the Steering Committee is to: attend meetings regularly, review materials, especially drafts of the report as they are distributed, and relay the planning process and any public engagement activities to neighbors and friends in the borough​.

Steering Committee Members

Jocie Ghaznavi

Patti McCaffrey

Bob Scott

Nick Scheid 

Dave Borland

Dan Martone

Melissa Lang O’Malley

Lead Consultant

Pashek+MTR, a Pittsburgh landscape architecture and community planning studio that pioneered the Implementable Comprehensive Plan model, is facilitating the plan.

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