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How are the recommendations shaping up?
Provide your ideas! 

On May 16th, 2022, the Borough hosted a public meeting at Saint Scholastica Pastoral Center to present concepts that have developed during the Comprehensive Plan process and ask: Did we get it right?


Attendees engaged elected officials, staff and members of the project team in conversation about the three key issues around which the plan is taking shape: Park Improvements, Transportation and the Public Realm, and Zoning and Property Maintenance. 

If you were not able to attend the public meeting,

we still want to hear from you!

Materials presented at the meeting appear below. Please click the links below to provide feedback and suggestions.

Key Issue:  Transportation and the Public Realm 

Streetscape Improvements

Alley A Improvements 

Connectivity Map

Proposed Transportation Improvements 

Key Issue:  Zoning and Property Maintenance 

Key Issue Council Meeting Notes 

Zoning Recommendations 

Current Zoning Map 

Key Issue:  Park Improvements 

Fireman's Memorial Park
Master Plan 

Aspinwall Recreation Area
Master Plan 

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